Another close encounter with a muskox—this time in the community of Wales—that saw an angry bull charge a tethered dog several times before ending with the muskox being killed.

The attack comes amid a summer of similar threats to dogs—and people—in and around Nome, some of which have left dogs dead and resulted in destroyed muskox claimed “in defense of life or property,” or “DLP.”

Helena Oxereok was using a four wheeler to haul water with her boyfriend Saturday, Aug. 16, when she noticed the shaggy bull come from behind her house. Despite neighbors and family members yelling and revving their four wheelers to scare the animal off, she said the bull ignored them until it noticed her dog Sam.

“And then it started chasing my dog around its house, maybe six times my dog had to run away,” Oxereok said Thursday in a phone interview.

“At one point, it got to where my dog was being pushed but not really hurt, pushed by the muskox’s head, and I’m glad the chain didn’t get caught on his horns, otherwise he would have been in big trouble.”

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