Anchorage police are asking residents to do their part in protecting against thefts from vehicles, in response to a 40 percent increase in incidents this year.

According to APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro, the rise in vehicular thefts is visible in data from January through October of last year compared to thefts during the same time period this year. The department has seen a total of 4,232 thefts from vehicles during those two time periods.

“While some areas of town show a significant increase, thefts from vehicles are up all over Anchorage,” APD crime analyst Bryan Morberg, who compiled the figures, said in a Thursday statement.

As part of the initiative, APD unveiled a new slogan: “Lock, Remove, Conceal, So Thieves Don’t Steal.”

“By locking our vehicle doors, removing valuables and/or concealing items, we can help prevent vehicle break-ins,” Castro wrote.

The department is also enlisting the aid of the Anchorage Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association for a new program to monitor parking lots, in conjunction with the Dimond Center, Sears Mall and the Tikahtnu Commons.

“Several members of the Citizens Academy recently attended a training facilitated by APD Captain David Koch, where they received instruction on what to look for and how to respond to suspicious activity,” Castro wrote.

Earlier this year, the alumni association also provided volunteers to help spot dangerous drivers and report them to APD, as the department responded to DUI fatalities including the Aug. 9 Abbott Road deaths of 15-year-old girls Brooke McPheters and Jordyn Durr. Stacey Allen Graham, 31, faces second-degree murder, manslaughter and DUI charges in the crash.

Anyone who sees or experiences a theft from their vehicle can report it by calling APD dispatch at 786-8900 or 911, with forms available to report thefts on APD’s website.