A multiplex in Mountain View is receiving a facelift as part of a program to provide affordable housing for Alaskans.

The nine-unit property is currently undergoing numerous upgrades after it was acquired by the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, or RurAL CAP. The non-profit will add these units to the 120 it already rents to those who meet income requirements.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition says a household would have to earn close to $22 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Anchorage. The Mountain View units will rent for close to $200 less than fair market rates, including utilities.

“We don't want families and individuals to end up in the shelter system because they can't find an affordable place to live," said Corrine O'Neil, director of RurAL CAP's Supportive Housing Division. "We obviously want to provide a work force for the businesses in the area.”

RurAL CAP expects work on the units to be complete by late July and it says it already has contracts to move in people who have competed a screening and interview process.