Anchorage Assembly member Dick Traini says he’ll introduce an ordinance to overturn Mayor Dan Sullivan’s controversial labor law, AO37, at next week’s Assembly meeting June 10.

The Assembly passed the proposal, geared at reforming the union bargaining process, in March of 2013.

“From my perspective, (the) first thing to do is to get rid of 37,” Traini said. “Then you can set the ground floor where it belongs. Then you can sit and negotiate, you can talk to labor, you can talk to management and say, ‘There are some things we can agree on.’”

Traini, who holds a Midtown seat, teamed up with fellow Midtown member Elvi Gray-Jackson and newly elected East Anchorage member Pete Peterson to introduce a repeal of the ordinance. A simple majority of six votes among the Assembly’s 11 would be able to pass it.

"I won't be voting for the repeal, because I think we need to look at our labor code, and labor ordinance,” said South Anchorage Assembly member Jennifer Johnston.

Johnston and Traini sit on an ad-hoc committee that’s coming up with potential fixes for the ordinance.

Johnston’s proposal would restore some rights to management over employee scheduling, facilities and operation of equipment. It would also prevent certain employees from participating in the bargaining process such as ones who “work in payroll,” according to Johnston.

Johnston hasn’t officially introduced the compromise, but Traini says should it pass it would force a voter-initiated measure to repeal the ordinance off the November ballot.