One year ago to the day, Brooke McPheters and Jordyn Durr, both 15, were killed after being hit by a drunk driver while walking down Dimond boulevard.

To remember the girls, the community came together for a walk of remembrance, starting at the Dimond Center Burger King. Family members, friends, and supporters retraced the steps of McPheters’ and Durr’s path the day they were killed, ending at the memorial site for a prayer.

The event was held Saturday to remember the two girls, and to promote awareness, sending a message to the public that “drinking and driving is not okay.”

“We’re going to get through today,” said Dayna Durr, mother of one of the girls. “I’m focusing on the positive, and trying not to go back to that dark day because it’s too painful. For us, we have a life sentence.”

More than 100 friends, first responders, and community members walked with the families of the two girls, following their final footsteps taken on a rainy August day.

“We're forever going to be affected by the loss of our daughters, our beautiful babies, our only daughters and it shouldn't have happened,” Durr said. “I'm getting angry that we need to as a community really start making some changes. You just need to take responsibility, people need to be held accountable for their actions and if you're going to drink -and you're of legal age, that's fine if you choose to do that, but- take the responsibility to travel safe after that.”

There’s no silver lining for this type of loss. There is only what you can do, and what you cannot do. Saturday, these two now-linked families can walk, and remember, and can take a stand against drunk driving, one step at a time.