Palmer dispatchers are the voice of help to callers in crisis -- but lately, assistance isn't the only thing dispatchers have delivered.

Since November, Palmer police and fire dispatchers have assisted over the phone in the deliveries of four babies. The most recent delivery took place the morning of April 9, when dispatcher Allie Foley picked up the call.

"It was very quick," Foley said. "I barely had time to get the instructions all out before the baby was born."

Foley walked a soon-to-be grandmother through her daughter-in-law's delivery. Within minutes, a baby boy was born.

"I was actually shaking, I was so excited," Foley said. "I was nervous throughout the whole call, but tried not to let it show in my voice."

Three of her co-workers have been in her shoes. The first dispatcher-aided delivery came in November, followed by two more January. There is now a running joke at Palmer dispatch.

"We are now Palmer labor and delivery," Foley said. "I think it was 2006 since our last baby was born -- and now we've gotten four in the last five months."

The news is spreading through the small community. One local organization sent dispatchers a card, asking if they could hold a diaper drive to collect diapers and supplies for low-income families.

"Because of our success with all of our babies, they thought we'd be a good place to start," Foley said.

The diaper drive will take place from May 1 through May 10. Supplies will be accepted at the Palmer Police Department, at 423 S. Valley Way, as well as at Palmer Fire and Rescue at 645 Cope Industrial Way.