A 58-year-old Palmer man is accused of making multiple "obscene and harassing" phone calls to 911.

Alaska State Troopers say Jordan Greer was arrested on a charge of harassment Wednesday night around 10:30.

Troopers say they were notified Wednesday night that Greer had been making the calls.

"The man initially called claiming that someone who stayed with him stole some items," Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters said Thursday.

The calls started at about 6 p.m., Peters said. Greer "was not reporting emergencies and was intentionally tying up the emergency line."

Troopers say Greer was warned numerous times to stop, but he didn't. "The calls were obscene in the sense that he began threatening people’s lives," Peters said.

When he didn't, he was arrested for charges of harassment around midnight.

Greer was transported to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility and held without bail.