A bill passed by state lawmakers banning the sale of “Spice” synthetic marijuana, based on a local measure passed by the Anchorage Assembly, is now state law.

Gov. Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 173 into law Wednesday morning. The bill outlaws selling synthetic drugs by banning misleading statements on packaging.

The drugs are commonly sold in stores statewide as potpourri, bath salts, and plant food, among other names. Stores will now be required to include the ingredients inside synthetic drugs on the packaging, along with the intended use and name of the manufacturer.

The Municipality of Anchorage has banned the sale of synthetic drugs, and worked with Sen. Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage) to introduce SB 173.

“It seems to be working at the local level, but Spice and synthetic drugs -- bath salts, whatever -- is a statewide problem in Fairbanks and in the (Mat-Su) Valley of the concerns there, so we wanted to expand this law statewide.”

Parnell also signed other bills Wednesday, including an omnibus crime bill aimed at reducing recidivism and lowering the cost of corrections, as well as a bill that criminalizes cyberbullying.