A local carrier company's employee information may have been jeopardized late last month.

On January 27, a computer owned by Alaska Communications received a trojan virus via email that removed data from the harddrive, according to an email sent out to employees. The computer contained personal information for both current and past employees.

Heather Cavanaugh, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for ACS, says that at this time, they are "unsure as of yet whether or not the information taken was actually personal information". A computer forensics team is investigating.

Cavanaugh also noted that all current employees will be receiving free credit protection as a precaution, should their information have been stolen or compromised in any way.

Craig McCracken, a former employee of ACS, says he and other ACS retirees were not directly notified by anyone about the incident.

"I worked for them for 20 years, and I don't like that they try to keep stuff like that to themselves. They keep it internal. What if it was my information that was gone?"

As of Sunday, Cavanaugh noted that ACS has begun reaching out to its former employees about the situation, including the free credit protection, which she says will work retroactively to the date of the incident.