Following a recent rise in vehicle break-ins in a local park, Anchorage police are warning visitors and residents alike to remember some key safety practices for their parked cars.

APD spokesperson Dani Myren said the warning was issued after a crime analyst with the department noticed a significant increase in the number of reported theft cases that occurred in the Earthquake Park parking lot in the last 30 days. While specific numbers were not available, Myren said the increase was substantial enough to bring it to the attention of the public.

“We want to make sure everyone is aware of the issue,” Myren said. “People should remember the Lock-Remove-Conceal practice in keeping their vehicle as safe as possible, hardening the target, making their vehicle a less desirable target to potential thieves.”

In more than half the reported incidents, vehicle windows were smashed to allow access into the vehicle, making vulnerable valuable items like cameras, purses, and wallets.

“One vehicle had credit cards stolen, which were found later in a dumpster,” Myren said. “What may seem like a valuable target can turn out not to be, and those items tend to get ditched by the thief.”

According to Myren, the Lock-Remove-Conceal practice is simple and easy, and can help protect vehicle owners from having to pay to repair vehicle damages and replace stolen items, as well as preventing personal information from being misused.