It's caused some full-throttle debate for several weeks, but a proposal to ban ATVs in Wasilla was put on hold Monday evening by the Wasilla City Council.

The decision comes after the public got to weigh in on the proposed ban of all-terrain vehicles. The proposal to ban ATVs  brought out a couple dozen people wanting to keep the status quo.

The city of Wasilla already has guidelines for their use, including a 10 mile per hour speed limit and restrictions on where they can be driven.  Sidewalks and city streets are not on the list.

Jessica Dean of the Wasilla Planning Commission, said "the reality is that unfortunately for atv riders there's going to be less and less dirt for those atv's to be on".

With a growing population and more pavement, the city's mayor says the use of ATVs has become a safety hazard and hinted a designated trail system isn't feasible because there isn't a place for it.

MatSu Borough resident Barbara Montgomery told the council "the major issues at play here seem to be safety and property damage, I assert that these issues can be better addressed through education, and enhanced of existing or enhanced regulations".

Most of the people who spoke at Monday evening's city council meeting wanted to avoid a complete ban of ATVs, but the city's Planning Commission says that may be unavoidable.

After hearing the testimony, Wasilla City Council members indefinitely postponed a decision on the proposed ATV ban until they've had a chance to discuss the issue during a work session.