More than a dozen members of Alaska fishing community voiced their concerns on the first day of the joint Alaska Board of Fisheries and Game meeting, which began Saturday in downtown Anchorage.

The board is in the process of reviewing 41 proposals, with plenty of concern surrounding subsistence boundaries.

On Saturday, more than 30 people attended the meeting, being held at the Hilton Hotel, and most say they wanted to learn about the proposals related to subsistence rights.

Ana Hoffman, President & CEO of Bethel Native Corporation, which has about 1,800 shareholders, spoke in opposition of several proposals. BNC shared its opposition to proposal 38, which would repeal the state non-subsistence areas. It also opposed proposal 39, which would reduce the size of the Fairbanks non-subsistence area.

"These proposals are in conflict with the state subsistence regulations requiring the joint boards to establish the boundaries of non-subsistence areas," Hoffman said.

Hoffman stated the BNC also opposes proposals 40 and 41 that would turn Kodiak and Bethel into non-subsistence areas, which could hurt those communities.

"These proposals are an attempt to undermine subsistence protections," Hoffman said.  "The proposals are non-productive and have no basis for consideration."

Orville Huntington, a Board of Fisheries member, says subsistence proposals are controversial just about every time they are introduced.

"Whether they're from a rural area or an urban area and they care about their community and how they fish and trap and gather, I can see how they would want to protect those rights," Huntington said. "We're just here to try to make the regulations easier for everyone."

The joint meeting is scheduled to last for five days.