While the Kenai Police Department and the FBI continue to search in the area where four missing people were last seen, the family of Rebecca Adams and her two children are expanding their search beyond that.

Kenai is already covered with posters with the names, age and physical descriptions of those missing -- Rebecca Adams, 22, her daughters Michelle Hundley, 5, and Jaracca Hundley, 3, and Rebecca’s boyfriend Brandon Jividen, 37.

Four family members were still out in force around the peninsula Tuesday, however, posting flyers and talking to locals, hoping anyone with any information may lead to clues as to their loved ones' whereabouts.

Rebecca’s mother Jeanini Adams, aunt Kim Gifford, sister Lanell Adams and uncle Dennis Gifford were in Cooper Landing Tuesday. They also made stops in Soldotna and Nikiski.

“Sometimes they’d come up here (Cooper Landing) and go fishing or camping; we just want to find them and bring them home safe,” Jeanini Adams.  

“We’re just trying to get the word out wherever we can, so it doesn’t just go off and fade away; it’s out there so people will see it and not forget,” Kim Gifford said.

As the search continues, Kenai Police Department Chief Gus Sandahl held a briefing at the Kenai Public Library Tuesday afternoon to inform the public on the latest details from law enforcement.

"The last physical evidence we have of a sighting for Rebecca (Adams) and her two girls was on May 18," Sandahl said, noting that they were seen in surveillance video at a local commercial center.

Kenai police are continuing their search efforts by expanding out from the wooded area behind the family's residence, based on recent leads.

Despite continued efforts from state and federal agencies, with the FBI officially acknowledging its involvement in the search Tuesday and information from the public trickling in, officials still haven't narrowed down the whereabouts of the missing.

At the end of the press conference, Sandahl told a reporter he remains hopeful of finding the missing family; another reporter subsequently asked him why.

"Just because I have no reason not to be," Sandahl said.

The Kenai Police Department will hold another briefing to inform the public on the latest developments Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Kenai Public Library.

KPD asks anyone with any information that lead to clues into their investigation to contact them at 907-283-7879.

Channel 2's Blake Essig contributed information to this story.