A moderate earthquake was recorded Friday morning in Alaska above the Arctic Circle, and was followed by an aftershock almost as powerful.

The Alaska Earthquake Information Center reports in a release that the quake was felt in the hub community of Kotzebue and at the Red Dog Mine, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The quake in the Brooks Range region of Alaska had a magnitude of 5.5, and was located at a depth of about 15 miles. It was followed two minutes later by an aftershock that had a magnitude of 5.3.

Dorothy Kress was laying in her bed in her home in Kotzebue when she felt the shake. Kress's husband had left to run some errands and she was home alone.

"It scared me a little bit," Kress said. "I've been in really bad earthquakes before."It was kinda spooky when you can’t get away from it.

The quake was centered about 15 miles northeast of Noatak, in northwest Alaska.