Anchorage Police were dispatched to the area near Elderberry Park early Tuesday morning in response to a man who said he was maced and robbed by two suspects.

Police arrived at the scene around 12:48 a.m. where the victim had made his phone call from when, according to a police report, another call was received of another similar attack in Elderberry Park.

Victims told officers the suspects went through pockets, and took wallets, said APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro. The suspect also took a victim’s hat and shoes, Castro said.

Police arrived to the Elderberry Park area, and began setting up a search perimeter. Police received information from the persons involved in the second incident and learned one of the suspects had fled on foot. According to police, the suspect was last seen headed into a wooded area just south of 3rd Avenue and L Street.

Police dispatched a K9 unit to investigate the scene and found one of the suspects hiding between boards and a concrete retaining wall near 1st Avenue and G Street. The suspect was taken into custody and later identified as 19-year-old John Albert Davis Jr. The suspect was remanded to Anchorage Jail on robbery, assault and theft charges.

With one suspect located police began searching for the remaining suspect. During their search police discovered another male walking out of the park. Police say the man appeared to be in distress, “with tears and mucus running down his face,” according to the report. After a brief examination and discussion, police say investigators were able to determine the distressed man had indeed been maced, but he’d done it to himself.

The man was arrested, and identified as Matthew Aaron Campbell, 20, and charged with theft and robbery.

During a pat search, Campbell was found with a machete, though no can of mace was discovered at the scene, Castro said.

“Prior to contact with the suspect, (a) victim described one of the suspects as having a machete during the incident, but did not threaten him with it,” Castro said.

Police aren’t sure how Campbell got maced, Castro said.

“Campbell told police he was sprayed during an altercation with a group of people,” Castro said. “Officers did not find any evidence of residual (mace) or a can of it in the area where Campbell had described the altercation took place.”