Volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia have been active over the last several days, which have caused concerns with Alaska air travel due to possible disruptions due to volcano ash.

On Saturday, the Klyuchevskoy volcano erupted with strong lava flows and billowing ash clouds reaching nearly five miles high. PenAir canceled flights in and out of Sand Point and Dutch Harbor due to the ash cloud, and had flight delays in Cold Bay.

The US National Weather Service in Alaska say it’s receiving updates from scientists in Russia and is working closely with volcanologists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO). 

On Sunday, the Klyuchevskoy eruption continued and produced copious amounts of volcanic ash and gas.

“Morning satellite imagery showed a concentrated plume of ash extending east-southeast from the volcano with a very thin plume of gas and ash extending from the Western Aleutians well south into the North Pacific from a previous explosion,” said NWS. “The main impact from this eruptive activity is the diversion of international airline traffic around the expected path of the volcanic ash.”

The NWS, along with the AVO, are coordinating with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers in both Tokyo and Washington to issue warnings for ash over Alaska, the Bering Sea, and the North Pacific.

Passengers are urged to check their flight status before heading to the airport.

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