The Seattle Pacific University student who stopped a gunman on campus Thursday will be receiving more than he bargained for on his wedding day as a special “thank you” for his quick actions.

According to witnesses, Jon Meis, a volunteer security guard for the campus, doused suspected shooter Aaron Ysbara with pepper spray while Ysbara was attempting to reload his weapon. Officials says Ysbara had already shot three people, killing one of them, 19-year-old Paul Lee.

 Many of Meis’ fellow students were grateful to the campus hero, who has so far managed to stay out of the media limelight. Online fans, however, are insistent on thanking Meis, who was recently discovered to be engaged.

Reddit users leaked the couple’s wedding registries online, and while their Crate and Barrel registry has been fulfilled, well-wishers can still purchase items on their Target registry. Jessamyn McIntyre, co-host of the Fone Zone show in Seattle, set up a Go Fund Me fundraiser for the couple as well, which raised more than $30,000 for the couple in 1 day.

Other members of the Internet community have turned their focus on the victims of the shooting. A Give Forward fundraiser set up by Michael Hasegawa-Yun is raising funds to cover funeral costs for the family of Lee, as well as medical bills for the other two students shot.

The original donation goal was $5,000, but was surpassed in 24 hours, leading Hasegawa-Yun to raise the goal to $15,000. So far, $8,041 have been raised for the families of the victims.