Out on the ice, Sarah Mixsell doesn't feel the cold. She doesn't feel the pressure from her coach or the eyes of her mother analyzing her every move. What Sarah feels is freedom.

"I get to jump and I get to do really whatever I feel is right," Sarah said.

The Olympic dream starts at a young age. With the Olympics winding down, that doesn't mean the competition stops. There are many young athletes in Alaska dreaming of future gold. Athelese like Sarah Mixsell, who at 11 years old knows exactly what she wants to do.

 "I was watching the Olympics and I saw skating and I was like wow, I want to do this," Mixsell said.

That was seven years ago, and now Mixsell is doing full programs, jumping and twisting with power and grace. Her skating coach, J.J. Matthews, says Sarah is a special skater.

"She's had drive and motivation since she's started when she was four years old," Matthews said.

Sarah's mother Luann Piccard watches from the outside of the rink, swelling with pride.

"When she's out there and she's smiling it's like sometimes she's kind of in her own world," Piccard said. "When she's skating to the music it's like her personality and her love for skating kind of flows through what she's doing."

What she's doing is trying to get to the top. Today Sarah watches the Winter Games as a dreamer, hoping one day she too will be an Olympian.