An Anchorage state representative has announced that she will not seek another term in the House, despite a judge dealing another setback to constituents seeking to recall her this week.

Rep. Lindsey Holmes (R-Anchorage) confirmed to Channel 2 Friday night that she won't stand for re-election in her West Anchorage district. She didn't offer an explanation of her reasons why.

Holmes has faced a determined campaign to oust her from her seat ever since she won election as a Democrat in 2012, then switched her party affiliation to join the House's Republican majority weeks after her victory.

The Recall Lindsey Holmes campaign hasn't fared well, however, with the state Division of Elections denying the recall effort after saying it failed to meet state standards. That decision was upheld in court Thursday, despite an appeal by backers of the recall effort.

Wigi Tozzi, the organizer of the recall campaign, says he believes Holmes was waiting for the outcome of the court case before making a decision on whether to run.

Regardless of the legal outcome, Tozzi thinks Holmes wasn't planning to run, based on her 2012 campaign website falling into the hands of a domain-name aggregator -- as well as sentiments campaign members encountered while they were gathering signatures in the district.

"About 50 percent signed, but about 80 or 90 percent were behind us and what we were doing," Tozzi said.

While Holmes' decision may not have been a direct product of the recall campaign, Tozzi is glad he and fellow constituents helped keep her "ethics and credibility" in the public eye.

"To the extent that the recall group helped her come to that conclusion, I'm very proud of that," Tozzi said. "I just don't think there was any support for her in the district."

Channel 2's Rebecca Palsha contributed information to this story.