JUNEAU, Alaska -

Alaska is taking another shot at securing stockpiles of emergency food, initially proposed by Gov. Sean Parnell's administration. The stockpiles are part of an effort aimed to improve preparation in case a major disaster cuts Alaska from supply lines.

Alaska's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs last year issued a request for proposals to have two storage sites ready and one-third of the food supply in place by the end of 2012.

That never happened. The department received just one proposal, which ultimately was rejected.

"We tried to tap into the creativity of the private sector," said John Madden, Director of Alaska Homeland Security & Emergency Management.  "We put all of the procurement together; the purchasing of the food, the movement of it, the storage of it and the management of it."

Because there wasn't a market for it, the department this week issued a new, scaled-back solicitation. Department spokesman Jeremy Zidek says the solicitation seeks a proposal for food that would be offered, including shelf-life, storage requirements and packaging.

"The real focus of this is to build up a capacity of food that we can use if we have a very bad disaster, a catastrophic one that cuts off the supply lines," said Madden. "It's going to take a long time to get that supply line going, so it's the food we're interested in."

While storage facilities would be determined later, Madden says he expects to have a facility in both Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Editor's Note: Ch. 2's Blake Essig contributed to this story.