Students in 85 public schools throughout the Anchorage School District may notice higher prices in the cafeteria line.  For the third year in a row, meals are going up by 10 cents.

Breakfast in middle and elementary schools now cost $1.90, and $2.35 in high school.  Lunch costs $3.45 in elementary school, $3.85 in middle school and $4.30 in high schools.

The increase is required by the USDA.

"I think the primary goal is that the meal prices are fair and equitable for everybody, the federal government is paying a certain amount to the states, the states are paying it to the school districts for a free student and the paid student is paying something within that range as well,” said ASD Business Manager Boyd Jorgensen.

Jorgensen says the district’s entire food budget is $8 million a year, and it’s all funded by the federal government.

Jorgensen says if a student buys breakfast and lunch for all 171 school days this year, it would amount to a $35 increase over last year.