There's no shortage of activity at the Chester Creek Sports Complex.

Thirty years after the Sullivan Arena opened, having the Ben Boeke Ice Rink, the Anchorage Football Stadium, and Mulcahy Stadium in the same area has made finding a parking spot difficult, especially when multiple events are going on at the same time.

"Everybody knows parking is an issue at the Sullivan Arena,” said Shawn Maltby, general manager for the Anchorage Bucs. “They are on the sidewalks, they are on the streets."

"If you have a high school playoff football game [and it’s] opening weekend of the Alaska Aces or UAA, and what do you have, you have a mess," said Muni Parks & Recreation director John Rodda.

Trying to clean up the mess and clear out space, a new $18.5 million proposal looks to add 400 more parking spaces by moving Mulcahy over to where the Kosinski fields currently stand.

"There are only two entrances off of 16th Avenue," said Rodda. “If you are parked down by the outdoor hockey rinks, you’re going to be 45 minutes at least before you get out of there. We needed to help fix the problem, and this fixes it.”

The plan also gives Mulcahy users some new digs. After 49 years of use, neither the Anchorage Bucs nor the Glacier Pilots are complaining.

"I think it would benefit us in a situation where it's a more modern facility," said Maltby. “Right now, you see what we are dealing with. I hate to say it’s a death trap, but it's essentially a very old run down facility.”

"Instead of foul balls being hit into the parking lot, and the kids chasing them [where] they have the risk of being hit by cars, now the way it’s set up, the way its proposed to go, it won't have that."

The city says the community will have more access to the new ballpark, which will be enhanced to allow for year-round events like Fur Rondy.

It's a solution to eliminate headaches, so those who use the area can spend their time doing what they came to do.

The city has $3.7 million dollars for the project so far. Officials will ask the state legislature for an additional $12 million, while also gathering corporate contributions.

The plan would also place old artificial turf from Mulcahy Stadium in little league fields around town, with the first one going to Polar in Mountain View.