More than 1,000 haikus were submitted to a statewide contest, called The Salmon Project. The contest attracted poets from more than 30 communities around Alaska during the month of April.

Here are the top three poems and one honorable mention.

Onions, carrots, and
eyes afloat in fishy broth
soup that sees you back

-Thomasina Andersen, Cordova
Third Place
They all wanted her
tattered fins and just one eye
but still a beauty.

-Hans Arnett, Anchorage
Second Place
Salmon, I invite
to stay in my small guest room
the one called freezer.

-Lynne Bettin, Chugiak
First Place
An Honorable Mention for Peggy Azuyak from Old Harbor. Azuyak submitted a poem in Alutiiq, complete with translation:

Taugkut qaqiyat [TAUG] / kut [qa / QI] / yat
Pugtut tuRamni kuigkun [PUG] / tut [tu / RA] / mni [KUIG] / kun
Atert’sluku [a / TER] / t’s/ [lu / KU]

I Am Fishing

Those silver salmon
Float in my dory down river
Taking them to sea