About three-fourths of the Iron Dog snowmachine race’s 2014 field is on track to leave Nome after a 36-hour layover, opening the second half of the high-speed dash to Fairbanks after covering about 1,000 miles from the race’s Sunday start in Big Lake.

In the day since Team 10’s Mike Morgan and Chris Olds led the race into Nome at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, race standings as of 5 p.m. Wednesday show a total of 26 teams in Nome for rest and repairs. Two teams are bringing up the rear of the field, with Team 26 riders Jacob Hartley and Devin LaBarbera leaving White Mountain at 2:52 p.m. and Team 33’s Michael Fuller and Eddie Kinn out of Koyuk as of 2:05 p.m.

During their 36 hours in Nome, teams are given 20 minutes to check over their sleds and see what needs fixing. The teams then break to collect parts and create a plan on how to fix their sleds in the quickest way possible -- because once they start wrenching they're on the clock, with any time spent on repairs tacked on to their trail time.

Team 8’s Tyson Johnson and Tyler Aklestad were already aware of an issue with the frame on Aklestad’s sled, but their inability to fix it on the trail led to further issues.

"We were actually going to repair it in McGrath, but we weren’t able to get the parts,” Johnson said. “We did a quick patch just to get us by and it’s held all the way to here, but some other parts because of that have failed -- so we have to replace the main structural frame part, that goes around the handlebars down to the frame.”

Ten of the Iron Dog’s original 38 teams have now scratched from the race, with three -- Doug Dixon and Mike Vasser in Team 3, Tim Jauhola and Kyla Malamute in Team 4, and Chris Carroll and Ray Chvastasz in Team 5 -- making that decision after reaching Nome. Wednesday’s fourth scratch, Team 29 riders Russell Griffin and Chris Kruse, took place after the two pulled out of Unalakleet at 9 a.m.

Channel 2’s Kari Bustamante contributed information to this story.