Uncovering the past to help the present, a 21-year-old time capsule was dug up at Benny Benson Secondary School Tuesday. According to educators and students, the capsule is still sharing important lessons.

It's been two decades since Tam Agosti-Gisler was digging a hole at Benny Benson Secondary School. Back in 1993, the current Anchorage School Board member was a teacher in the school's SEARCH program. She also led the Drug Free Club, which decided to fill a time capsule with anti-drug literature.

Twenty-one years later, a new group is helping to retrieve the memorabilia, finding out what students from the past wanted to tell them. Digging up the capsule took some time -- but after about an hour and a half of digging, sweat, and blisters, the crew finally found their prize.

Inside the capsule was a mini boom box stereo, a 1993 Alyeska Ski Resort pass, a skateboard action figure, and even a tattered sticker -- relics from the past meant to deliver a specific message.

"There were people who were drug-free, there are drug-free people and it is possible to not take drugs and still have a good time," said Zack Valdez, who was a Benny Benson student back in 1993.

They're words students and educators say have not changed over the intervening years.

"Especially drinking and driving and drugs is really bad, especially during this day," said student Tyler McDonald.

"A lesson is timely, that sometimes things are hard and you have to persevere and eventually you will find success," Agosti-Gisler said.

With more students still to be taught at Benny Benson, the plan is to plant a new capsule at the school -- so future generations can reap what is sown.

"We are already talking about using the hole, crater we just dug to bury another one -- I think we will probably stick with the drug-free message," said Benny Benson principal Frank Reuter.