Alaska State Troopers say a Togiak teenager and a village public safety officer were treated for smoke inhalation, after the boy allegedly set a fire in a dead relative’s unoccupied home Wednesday.

A Friday AST dispatch says VPSOs responded to the scene of the fire at about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, following a report of smoke rising from the home.  

“VPSO First Sgt. Dan Decker and village volunteer firefighter Arlandra Upton made a forced entry into the building and discovered the entire inside of the residence engulfed in black, toxic smoke,” troopers wrote. “Upton eventually found a 14-year-old Togiak boy inside the residence suffering from smoke inhalation.”

AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen says Upton and Decker, a roving VPSO in the Dillingham area who happened to be in Togiak Wednesday, discovered the child when Decker stepped outside, then began to remove plywood from boarded-up windows to air out the smoke.

“He was barely conscious, so it was obvious that he was suffering from smoke inhalation,” Ipsen said. “His clothes were burnt, but it doesn’t sound like he suffered any burns -- if he did, they were very minor.”

As the first responders removed the boy from the home, the fire was extinguished by arriving volunteer firefighters summoned by local VPSO Cpl. Roger Wassillie.

Both Decker and the boy were taken to Dillingham for treatment, with Decker treated and released while the boy was hospitalized for further treatment.

Troopers say the home, which had been previously owned by a deceased family member of the boy, suffered about $1,000 in damage from the bathroom fire.

Dillingham troopers are assisting Togiak VPSOs as they investigate the incident. Ipsen says that while the state's Department of Juvenile Justice has been notified of the incident, the teen's motive is under investigation and troopers haven’t forwarded a case.

“We’re working in cooperation with them, as far as where the case will go from here,” Ipsen said.