Alaska State Troopers were dispatched to the Glennallen area for reports of a man believed to be “high on methamphetamine, destroying (a) residence and a car,” according to Troopers.

When Troopers arrived at a trailer near Mile Post 186.5 off of the Glenn Highway, they could hear the sounds of items being smashed, Troopers wrote in a report. As they approached the sounds, they discovered Ricky Laupola, 36, of Anchorage.

Troopers say Laupola had his arms raised “in a threatening manner” with a large hammer in one hand and a large metal carpenter square in the other.

The victims, who were the same to alert Troopers to Laupola, told Troopers the suspect caused approximately $1,000 in damage to the car and the trailer, according to Troopers.

Further investigation revealed Laupola as an escapee from the Glennwood Center in Anchorage, Troopers reported.

According to Troopers, while he was being held at a Glennallen station, Laupola’s behavior became increasingly violent.

“He repeatedly rammed the holding cell door with his body, damaging the door frame,” Troopers wrote in a report.

Troopers subsequently used a TASER to subdue Laupola due to his behavior, placing him in restraints before transporting him to Mat-Su Pretrial.

Laupola was booked and charged on multiple counts of criminal mischief and one count of escape, according to Troopers. He will next appear in court on July 25.