Alaska State Troopers say a runaway teenager returned to his family Wednesday evening was reportedly out the door again in less than four hours, prompting a second request from troopers for public help in finding him.

AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen says Thursday that Richard Wellfort, who also goes by the name Andrew Cullens, had been missing since June 29 until he was safely located Wednesday.

"He was found at about 6:30 p.m.," Ipsen said. "After troopers reunited him with his family, he was reported missing again at about 10 p.m."

Ipsen says troopers don't have full information on what Wellfort had been doing for the month before he was last seen, beyond the days immediately before he was found.

"He was living in the Fairbanks area, we believe," Ipsen said.

Wellfort left his home Wednesday wearing an inside-out white-and-blue striped shirt, red shorts and black shoes. He wasn't wearing socks.

“Wellfort is described as 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighing 108 pounds with brown hair and green eyes,” Ipsen wrote in the initial statement on Wellfort's disappearance.

Ipsen says that Wellfort’s family and troopers have been looking for him, but no trace of him has been found.

Anyone with information on Wellfort’s whereabouts since Wednesday night is asked to call troopers at 907-451-5100.