A Wasilla man is in custody after striking two Alaska State Troopers with his car Wednesday night and leading officers on a high-speed chase that only ended with spike strips destroying the car’s tires.

Two Troopers responded to a Wasilla home around 8:10 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a call from a woman who said she wanted her son, later identified as 26-year-old Michael Ingersol, to leave her home on Teeland Street.

En route to the home the two responding Troopers learned that Ingersol was on felony probation and had two outstanding felony warrants for previous probation violations.

Troopers arrived at the house and began walking up the driveway. According to court documents, that’s when “a blue sedan started driving down the driveway at them.”  

Troopers say the officers “yelled at Ingersol to stop” but, after initially slowing his car down, Troopers say he eventually sped up and drove at the officers, hitting them both before fleeing the scene.

A sworn officer affidavit says one of the Troopers was able to reach his vehicle and tried following Ingersol, getting within a quarter of a mile before eventually “lost him after (he) made several turns down side streets” in the neighborhood.

The Troopers drove themselves to the hospital and were treated for shoulder and wrist injuries. Ultimately the “injuries were not debilitating” and they were shortly released.

According to Wasilla PD patrol officer and spokesperson Rick Manrique, about three hours later around 11:40 p.m. a Wasilla police officers saw Ingersol at a gas station “in the middle of the city.”

That officer called for backup, and then “several WPD officers approached (Ingersol) at gunpoint and gave him commands which he ignored.”

Manrique said the armed approach was made “out of an abundance of caution” after the Troopers had been injured earlier.

“Any time you have an individual willing to use force, you’re going to do a high-risk stop at the next contact,” Manrique said.

That began a 40-minute pursuit that reached speeds near 100mph, during which Manrique said Ingersol “came at officers head-on several times,” forcing them to take “evasive action to avoid a collision for fear of their lives.”

As the chase snaked through several neighborhoods, Ingersol found himself in a cul-de-sac near Paddock Drive and Brome Avenue. Wasilla police used spike strips to disable the tires on Ingersol’s car, but he continued to drive out on to Fairview Loop.

“He literally drove the tires off the car,” Manrique said.

Eventually Ingersol’s vehicle came to a stop near the Palmer-Wasilla Highway and Cottle Loop and he gave himself up. He was arrested at gunpoint, and Manrique said “he told officers he didn’t want to go back to jail.”

Manrique noted officers at the scene noticed a “strong odor or marijuana in the vehicle” upon his arrest.

Ingersol faces four charges of third-degree assault, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, and felony eluding. He’s scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

Court records show Ingersol’s criminal history includes a 2008 conviction for felony vehicle theft in Palmer.

Troopers say the investigation into the incident is ongoing.