Thousands of arrest warrants are currently hanging over the heads of Alaskans according to the Alaska State Trooper online active warrant list

The list is updated daily. Troopers say it helps both the people facing warrants and law enforcement. 

State Trooper Lt. Maurice Hughes said sometimes people say they don't even know they have a warrant for their arrest. Often, even if people do know about the warrant, Hughes said it's not something people like to hear because it means they're about to go to jail. 

"It usually changes the mood of the contact, especially if the person doesn't know that there's an active warrant for their arrest," said Lt. Hughes. "Most people aren't happy about that information when you provide it to them."

Since 2008 Troopers have been providing a daily list of active warrants online. Trooper spokesperson Beth Ipsen said people can to search their own name.  

Troopers said if people see that there's a warrant for their arrest, even if that person believes it to be a mistake, they urge people to go to their local law enforcement center and bring identification. 

If people see the name of someone they know, Troopers advise them not to go after them alone.

"Do not confront them. Do not approach them. Call us or call crime stoppers [where] you can leave anonymous tips," said Ipsen. "That's really the only way you should take matters into your own hands."

Troopers say the list they provide includes warrant for state charges. Additional warrants may be listed by local law enforcement agencies.

Anchorage Crime Stoppers, 561-STOP

Juneau Crimeline. (all online tips)

Fairbanks Crime Stoppers, 456-CLUE

Mat-Su Crime Stoppers, 745-3333

Peninsula Crime Stoppers, 1-800-478-HALT