Two men are in custody for a Tuesday morning shooting at a Mountain View residence that left a 15-year-old girl dead, with one of the suspects allegedly having fired on the building after an earlier altercation with a man also living there.

The victim, Precious Alex, was shot through the window while inside her mother's basement apartment. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital later that morning.

On Wednesday Anchorage police said they arrested 28-year-old Lammar Burney and 24-year-old Jamal Townsend in connection with the girl's death. Both men are charged with one count each of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and second-degree assault.

Court records show Burney has pleaded guilty to past misdemeanor assault and destruction of property charges.

Townsend's court records include felony drug charges and misdemeanor weapons charges.

In a 10-page criminal complaint against Burney and Townsend, APD homicide Detective Walter Gilmour writes that two officers heard gunshots on North Flower Street at about 3:45 a.m. Tuesday. One of them, Officer Troy Clark, saw a silver Jeep Cherokee leave the vicinity of the shooting.

“Officer Clark observed the vehicle stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Thompson Street and Bragaw Street and continue towards (Mountain View Drive) southbound,” Gilmour wrote. “Per Officer Clark, he advised of the suspicious vehicle on the police radio, and had just noted the last three numbers of the silver Jeep’s license plate, when dispatch advised of a shooting victim (on Flower Street).”

As responders arrived and took Alex to Alaska Regional Hospital, where she later died, Officer Brian Wilson saw the Jeep. With other officers joining him as backup, Wilson made a traffic stop at 15th Avenue and Sitka Street. While the female driver wasn’t charged, the passengers -- Townsend and Burney -- were taken into custody, with Townsend wanted on an warrant for misconduct involving a controlled substance and Burney held for a violation of his felony assault probation.

An initial weapons sweep of the vehicle turned up a semi-automatic pistol under the driver’s seat, with the Jeep impounded as police obtained a search warrant.

“When the warrant was obtained and partially executed, officers located a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber semi-automatic weapon,” Gilmour wrote. “A magazine was found in the weapon, but no rounds were in it. The slide was locked back as though the gun had fired all of the loaded rounds and locked back in the empty position.”

Police had found Alex’s body in a bedroom with a window onto the driveway, directly next to one her mother shared with Quintin Hargrove. When police interviewed Hargrove, he said a man going by the alias “Millz” -- whom he later identified as Townsend, when shown a photo of Townsend’s driver’s license -- had visited the Flower Street residence with his current girlfriend about two weeks ago, challenging Hargrove to a fight after an argument over a mutual girlfriend.

“Hargrove told Detective Foraker that when he told ‘Millz’ he was not going to fight someone with a gun, he observed ‘Millz’ give a handgun to his (Millz’) girlfriend,” Gilmour wrote. “Hargrove stated he and ‘Millz’ proceeded to fight, and he had the upper hand.”

 Hargrove told police that the fight ended in gunfire, leading police to recover additional rounds -- apparently .40-caliber -- from the building.

“Per Hargrove, when ‘Millz’ left (the residence) after the fight, he fired several rounds at the residence from the handgun as he left in the white Dodge Durango,” Gilmour wrote. “Hargrove added that some of the rounds had hit the apartment building, and were likely still lodged in the walls.”

The Jeep’s driver told investigators that she had driven Burney and Townsend -- whom she also knew as “Millz” -- to the vicinity of Alex’s residence, where they got out for about 10 minutes before returning and telling her to drive.

“(The driver) indicated that she, Burney and Townsend were all at her apartment earlier in the night and Townsend was agitated about the fight from two weeks ago with Hargrove,” Gilmour wrote. “(The driver) stated that she agreed to drive Burney and Townsend over to the Mountain View area, and she knew that Townsend had brought a handgun over to her apartment with him. (She) stated that Townsend wanted to go over to Hargrove’s residence because he was interested in some form of revenge for the fight a couple of weeks earlier.”

Police also spoke with a male victim injured in the shooting, who had been lying on a bed with Alex when she was shot. He had left when police arrived, and was treated for foot injuries and released at Alaska Regional Hospital.

“(The victim) heard multiple shots fired, both his and (Alex’s feet were facing toward the window,” Gilmour wrote. “(The victim) deached for (Alex) but she was already shot and (he) was also shot in the left and right foot by bullets that entered through the window. (He) has a bullet impact to his right foot and a bullet impact in his left tennis shoe that missed his left foot.”

An autopsy of Alex revealed that she had been shot twice, once through her thigh and again in her abdomen.

“The bullet recovered from inside of (Alex’s) body was a .40-caliber bullet,” Gilmour wrote.

Burney was arraigned Wednesday and is being held on $1 million cash bail, with a third-party custodian required for release. Townsend didn't appear in court Wednesday.

APD homicide detectives are continuing to gather information on the incident. They're appealing to anyone in the public with information to call police at 786-8900.

Editor’s note: Anchorage prosecutors have corrected the spelling of Lammar Burney's first name from a version appearing in an initial APD statement on the case. The names of Burney and Townsend’s driver and the male who was shot and wounded with Precious Alex have been omitted from this story.

Channel 2’s Samantha Angaiak, Chris Klint and Rick Schleyer contributed information to this story.