It used to be ugly holiday sweaters stayed in the back of your closet, never seeing the light of day. Times have changed for the ugly knitted staple. Not long ago, ugly sweaters could be found in every run-of-the-mill thrift store, but now they are almost impossible to find. So the resourceful are making their own.

Our own Marti Glaser and photographer Cail Hubert made their own sweaters with the help of Value Village employees.

The Katie Sevigny Studio is hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest until December 20. In order to participate, you simply have to show up at the studio wearing your homemade sweater, have an employee take and post your photo, and the sweater with the most 'likes' by Friday will win a piece of original artwork.

Photo of Brett Ramsay, Courtesy of Katie Sevigny Studio

Photo of Jesse Kreger, Courtesy of Katie Sevigny Studio

Photo of Minta Montalbo, Courtesy of Katie Sevigny Studio

Photo of Andrea Gusty, Courtesy of Katie Sevigny Studio

To look at the sweaters and vote-- or to get information on participating, visit the Katie Sevigny Studio facebook page.