An elderly Soldotna woman is in the hospital after being hit head-on by an underage drunk driver who hit three other vehicles while trying to flee the scene.

Alaska State Troopers say 20-year-old Ashli Kippi of Kenai was driving south in the northbound lane of the Kenai Spur Highway Sunday morning when she “nearly missed a Trooper just before hitting (71-year-old Linda Wirz of Soldotna ),” Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters said Monday.

“He was on his way home and had to swerve to avoid her vehicle striking his. He was turning around to make contact when the wreck happened.”

The “wreck” was Kippi’s 2007 Chevrolet pickup hitting a 2006 Ford truck driven by. The head-on collision sent Wirz to the Central Peninsula Hospital for treatment.

In addition to nearly hitting the Trooper, Peters said a REDDI Report (Report Every Dangerous Drive Immediately) had been called in by another driver before the crash saying they were nearly hit by Kippi’s car.

Kippi was arrested and charged with DUI and driving in violation of an instructional permit.

Troopers also charged Kippi with three counts of assault, as well as leaving the scene of the accident

“She was charged with leaving the scene because, during her journey, she had hit three vehicles and drove away,” Peters said.

All three assault charges are a result of the “significant injuries” Wirz sustained, Peters said.

Kippi is being held at Wildwood Pretrial pending her arraignment.