A local health provider is catching the attention of medical professionals around the world for how it delivers primary care.

The Southcentral Foundation, a tribally owned health corporation, held its fourth annual Nuka Conference last week. In attendance were health care representatives from several countries including Scotland and Singapore, as well as representatives from Lower 48 states.

They're looking to learn more about the Nuka System of care and how it can be applied in their countries and states. The relationship-based system devotes more money to primary care and wellness, which the Southcentral Foundation says has led to fewer hospital visits.

“It isn't about them treating us with pills or medicine -- it's actually now we are responsible for how we walk out our lives,” said Katherine Gottlieb, the foundation's president and CEO.

Dr. Russ Phillips, the Director of the Harvard Medical Center in Boston, is one of the Outside physicians who attended the conference. He says he's working to transform primary care practices at the medical school to resemble those of the Southcentral Foundation.

“I think of Southcentral Foundation as a national treasure that more of us should come up and see, because it is (a) vision for how health care might be practiced,” Phillips said.

The Southcentral Foundation says it receives an increasing number of requests every year from organizations hoping to learn more about the way it delivers primary care.