The Valdez Ferry Terminal is closed until Thursday after ice damage to the vehicle ramp, reports the DOT.

In a Monday press release , DOT officials announced the M/V Aurora would be unable to service Valdez for the foreseeable future while AMHS technicians assess damage caused to the vehicle ramp. 

A representative of the Valdez Ferry Terminal confirmed over the phone that the vehicle ramp had been damaged by ice, making it impossible for anyone to safely board or leave a docked ferry. The terminal representative could not elaborate on when the ferry would return to service.

Residents of Valdez can still leave the city by either flying or driving. This is the second such closer of a major outlet since the start of the new year, following the avalanche that closed down the Richardson Highway access to Valdez.  

The M/V Aurora will continue to run between Cordova and Whittier while repairs are being made in Valdez.