On the Road with Rebecca starts Friday, April 25th. Our goal is to find fun free things to do in Anchorage. First up: Testing out the parks and trail system.

Anchorage has more than 200 parks and 250 miles of trail. The Anchorage Park Foundation has been done some great renovations, including adding a giant polar bear slide at the Russian Jacks Springs Park.

Beth Nordlund, the executive director for Anchorage Park Foundation, says this summer Balto Seppala Park in Turnagain will also get a major renovation: becoming a handicap accessible park.

Anchorage voters also approved 1.5 million dollars to resurface the Chester Creek Trail, work will be done in two phases. The first one is this summer and then it will be finished in 2015.

In an informal poll of park aficionados, Anchorage kids, the Valley of the Moon Park and it's giant rocket were clear favorites, as well as the polar bear at Russian Jack Springs Park.

If you have ideas on fun, free stuff to do in Anchorage send Rebecca an email: