Anchorage police are seeking a woman suspected of stealing vehicles and leading officers on high-risk chases, including one in East Anchorage last weekend.

APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro says in a Friday statement that Judith Nelson, 24, is wanted on warrants for three felony offenses and a misdemeanor. She is also on probation for misconduct involving controlled substances and vehicle theft.

“There’s just concern in some of these stolen-vehicle cases about how recklessly the vehicles were driven,” Castro said. “We don’t want anybody else to be put in danger.”

Police believe Nelson was behind the wheel in a Sunday chase that began on Bragaw Street at about 7:40 p.m., when an officer saw a pickup truck headed south and being driven dangerously.

“When the officer ran the license plate it came back matching to a different vehicle,” police wrote in a summary of the call. “The driver of the pickup eluded the officer as he attempted to stop it.”

Castro says the report indicates behavior that threatened drivers near the pickup.

“It looks like it was speeding and making illegal lane changes, nearly hitting other vehicles,” Castro wrote. “There was another vehicle who was observing what was happening, and basically moved to the other side of the road to avoid what was happening.”

Officers credit a tip later that night with leading them to the truck, which police later determined had been stolen and spray-painted black. The caller reported seeing one female and two males running away from the pickup when it stopped.

“As soon as officers realized what was happening they terminated pursuit to avoid making the situation more dangerous,” Castro said. “About 20 minutes later, we received a report that this vehicle had pulled into a parking lot at 2601 Spenard (Rd.), and we determined that this was the vehicle in the eluding case.”

According to Castro, people should report Nelson’s location to police rather than trying to apprehend her themselves.

“We just want to know where she’s at so we can pick her up and get her off the streets,” Castro said.

Anyone with information on Nelson’s whereabouts is asked to call APD at 786-8900 or remain anonymous by calling Crimestoppers at 561-STOP.