A woman claims she was wrongfully arrested by the Anchorage Police Department and is suing the city. 

Nancy Means, 20, was driving her father's Chevrolet Astro in November 2011 when the van quit working, according to court records.

An officer helped her safely get out of traffic and then asked for her license, insurance and phone number.

Means, who was 18 at the time of the incident, refused to give the officer her phone number.

Documents filed by Means' attorney suggest she thought the officer was making a pass and that she did not feel comfortable providing her phone number.

The officer wrote in the report that it is standard procedure for an officer to request a phone number during a traffic stop, something APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro confirmed to KTUU. 

Means' attorney notes the traffic stop was nine months after the trial of Anthony Rollins, a disgraced police officer who used his position to sexually assault women.

The police officer, David Burns, said he smelled alcohol on Means and asked her to get out of her vehicle. Means got out of the vehicle but refused to answer questions.

Another officer, Jennifer Peltier, arrived on scene. The officers arrested Means and escorted her to a police cruiser. 

Means had no alcohol in her system when tested by police. 

Part of the lawsuit centers on her arrest record. Means was arrested in 2011, according to Alaska court records.

The entry said charges were dropped, details of the incident are not available.

But the arrest record is one of Means' main concerns, and a spokesperson for said the concerns are valid.

Leslie Hobbs, the spokesperson, said people use search engines to vet potential employees, neighbors, dating prospects and so on.

"Sometimes that information that comes up is is valid and true and worth taking into account and other times it's not true at all," Hobbs said.

In documents submitted by municipal lawyers, city lawyers said no mistakes were made. They said criminal records are sealed or removed only in cases of mistaken identity or false accusations.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the name of the woman arrested.