Hand-made spear used to kill Anchorage bear at homeless camp; man cited

A 49-year-old man has been cited for negligent feeding of wildlife after a yearling bear sniffing around the area was killed by spear Friday in East Anchorage .

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Alaska Political Stories

Santa Clause running for North Pole City Council

Santa Claus runs for North Pole City Council

( KTUU - TV ) You'd better watch out; you'd better not cry. Before he's "coming to town," Santa Claus might be coming to the city council of North Pole! (Yes, this man's legal name is Santa Claus.)

Senate panel votes to lift 40-year-old US ban on oil exports

WASHINGTON — The Senate Banking Committee has endorsed a bill to lift the four-decade-old ban on crude oil exports, the latest sign of congressional support for legislation that President Barack Obama opposes.

Construction, property tax proposal offered for gas project

Alaska Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck says a tentative agreement has been reached between the state and North Slope's three major players over payments for impacts during the construction of a proposed major gas project and property taxes once gas starts to flow.

AO96 vote postponed

Debate on LGBT anti-discrimination proposal returns to Assembly tonight

Seventeen proposed amendments stand in the way of an Assembly vote on an ordinance that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Also on the agenda: A proposal to raise Girdwood property taxes to pay for law enforcement. 

Shell pulls out of Arctic

Life after Shell: What's next for oil & gas in Alaska

The announcement by Shell that the company is ceasing exploration off the Alaska coast rattled some observers who hoped offshore development would reinvigorate the state economy. Here's what we know about the remaining players, and what happens next in the Alaska oil & gas industry.

Lesil McGuire won't seek re-election to Alaska Senate

At an energy summit in Fairbanks on Monday, Sen. Lesil McGuire announced she will not seek re-election to her South Anchorage seat.

Gov Walker calls special session

Governor Walker issues special session proclamation to address gasline

Governor Bill Walker officially issued a proclamation Thursday calling for a special legislative session to address gasline issues. The session is scheduled for Oct. 24 and will be held in Juneau, the Governor's Office announced in a Thursday press release.

KTUU / Austin Baird

Legislature to consider Alaska natural gas-line in special session

Governor Bill Walker has announced plans to hold a special session with the state legislature to discuss the Alaska LNG Project. A state buyout of TransCanda's share in the project will likely be high on the agenda.

Under fire for missing abortion vote, Murkowski says she had travel plans

Under fire from Alaska Democrats for missing a vote today on abortion policy, Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she was unable to take part in the hot-button decision due to unspecified travel commitments.

Santa Claus runs for North Pole City Council

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