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Pregnancy test dispensers to appear in Alaska bars

Pregnancy test dispensers to appear in Alaska bars

In a move geared toward increasing awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, nine bars throughout Alaska volunteered to participate in a University of Alaska Anchorage study on FASD.

ANWR designation

President's ANWR proposal met with outrage from Alaska's delegation

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-- At this moment in time, state officials say all of the more than 19-million acres that make up ANWR are completely off limits.

-- The Governor's Office says it's currently illegal for anyone to even operate a snow machine in the refuge area.

-- State officials say at this point only congress has the authority to make wilderness designations.
-- But even if congress rejects the…

(img1)vid-Controlling pot

Lawmakers try to figure out how to regulate marijuana

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-- Members of Governor Walker's Administration testified before a senate panel today about the regulation of marijuana.

-- Possession and commercial sales of marijuana will become legal February 24th.
The department of public safety says it has concerns about how troopers will be able to determine if someone is violating the law.     
-- New ballot initiative wording says…

Maiden Address

Sen. Dan Sullivan's first senate floor address is being called 'timely'

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-- Senator Sullivan outlined his mission in congress in front of Senate chambers in his address, Sullivan pushed for the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and related it to the success of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, despite initial environmental concerns.

-- He also blasted what he called the federal government's "heavy hand" in issues like blocking the road through Izembeck…

Marijuana Bill

Lawmakers trying to figure out how to regulate marijuana

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-- A joint session of the House and Senate Judiciary Committee heard Senate Bill 30 for the first time today.

-- The legislation bars the sale of marijuana to minors and puts the drug under the state's open container laws.

-- It also limits possession to 1 ounce per-person. 53 percent of Alaskan voters passed an initiative legalizing the drug last fall.

-- More testimony on a separate…

Walker 'angry, very angry' over planned ANWR wilderness designation

Walker 'angry, very angry' over planned ANWR wilderness designation

Gov. Bill Walker says President Obama’s plan to designate the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness -- which may permanently block oil and gas drilling there -- marks a “significant shift” in federal-state relations on Alaska’s natural resources.

Trimming Down

The secret to solving the budget crisis may be right under our feet

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-- In addition to massive cuts the governor also discussed harnessing our natural resources help offset a $3.5 billion gap. But in the meantime - the state will need to dip into reserves to bail itself out.

-- According to a projected budget handout from the Walker administration this year's operating  budget will be $45 million less than last year.

-- Walker says he started in his…

Walker on Budget We will manage our way out of this

Walker on Budget 'We will manage our way out of this'

Gov. Bill Walker has released a few more details of his plan to downsize state government in an effort to confront a multibillion-dollar budget deficit.

Walker on Budget We will manage our way out of this

Walker on Budget "We will manage our way out of this"

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-- In his State of the State Wednesday night, Gov. Walker said the dramatic drop in oil prices has led to us from a $7 million per-day deficit 6 months ago to a $10 million deficit  per day.

-- That in part is leaving the state in a $3.5 billion shortfall. Walker says the problem can't be solved overnight.

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Senator proposal

Sen. Sullivan proposed restricting the authority of EPA agents from carrying firearms

-- The amendment is in response to an incident in 2013 when the Environmental Protection Agency conducted an armed raid of small gold miners outside Chicken, AK. The raid was based on allegations of water permit violations.

-- Sen Sullivan says the amendment is intended to provide a check on the EPA.   He says the agency's policies must be reined in, and this proposal is a step in the right…

Hagel and the White House

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