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Here's what outsiders misunderstand about Arctic life, according to village leaders

KOTZEBUE – President Obama stood behind a podium Wednesday at the packed-to-capacity school gymnasium in this Arctic hub, speaking of the impacts warming climate trends have on life in the Far North.

Obama Kotzebue Speech

President Obama's full speech in Kotzebue

"This far north, everybody has to look out for each other," the president told a crowd of more than 1,000 today in Kotzebue, where he became the first sitting president to visit a community above the Arctic Circle. Watch the full speech here.  ( KTUU - TV )

Kotzebue residents hopeful Obama focuses on subsistence

9 Alaskans say what the feds should do about climate change

The White House is slowly rolling out its plan for the federal government to address climate change, something the president described as a crisis in a recent speech. Here's what Alaskans hope for from the government...

Susitna Ferry

Mat-Su Borough announces ‘near-final’ sale of controversial ferry

The ferry, a Navy prototype that cost $80 million, would sell for $1.75 million to the Philippine Red Cross. 

UPDATE: In Alaska, ConocoPhillips expects to cut about 10 percent of workforce

ConocoPhillips plans to cut about 10 percent of its Alaska workforce, a company spokeswoman said today.

NOTEBOOK: U.S. needs new Arctic icebreakers fast. 'They can't wait'

Read reporters notes from the president's visit walk along Exit Glacier, including photos of the landing. Video coming soon ...

Judge Upholds Approval of Shell Arctic Spill Response Plans

Shell resumes operations after storms force Arctic stop

Royal Dutch Shell PLC has resumed operations after high winds and rough seas north of Alaska's northern coast put a temporary stop to exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Ohio Gov. Kasich opposes changing name of Mount McKinley

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio Gov. John Kasich disagrees with President Barack Obama's decision to rename Mount McKinley as Denali, the name used by native Alaskans.

'We are not moving fast enough' on climate change, Obama tells Arctic leaders

President Barack Obama today called for the U.S. and other Arctic nations to launch more aggressive, faster-paced efforts to combat climate change.

(img2)Kerry arrives in AK

Kerry: History will not look kindly on climate change skeptics

Secretary of State John Kerry says history will not look kindly on climate change skeptics who fail to take action to curb warming.

Trump: 'I have signed the pledge'

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