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(img1)Labor Day Minimum Wage

Labor Day Sparks Debate Over Minimum Wage

Known as the working people's holiday, this year's Labor Day has sprung up debates all over the country and here in Alaska over minimum wage.

Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off in Anchorage Forum

Democrats Weigh Merged Gubernatorial Campaign

Leaders of the Alaska Democratic Party will meet on Labor Day to make a decision that could change the makeup of the gubernatorial race.

(img1)Walker Mallott Union Support

Democratic Party Leaders Back Walker-Mallott Ticket

In a step toward forging a Democratic-independent alliance against Gov. Sean Parnell and his GOP running mate, Dan Sullivan, the state Democratic Party's Central Committee voted overwhelmingly Monday to endorse a merged gubernatorial ticket.

Lacie Grosvold KTUU

Murder Victims’ Family Lawyer Asks Senate Candidates to Stop Running Ads

An attorney representing the family members of a slain elderly couple have asked the candidates for senate to quit running ads that cite the crimes. 

Lacie Grosvold- Senate Campaign Heats Up

Senate Campaign Heats Up In Alaska

The most recent spate of ads from the top candidates for U.S. Senate attempts to connect republican nominee Dan Sullivan to a 2013 murder case. 

Alaska Libertarian Candidate Withdraws from Senate Race

Alaska Libertarian Candidate Withdraws from Senate Race

The Alaska Libertarian Party nominee in the U.S. Senate race has informally dropped from the running, but party officials say they've been unable to reach him about sending a signed withdrawal letter to the state elections division.

KTUU - Alaska's News Source

Poll: Senate Race Neck-to-Neck, Split on Gender Lines

The results of the first statewide poll conducted since the Aug. 19 primary suggests the two major candidates in the Alaska Senate race are neck-to-neck, with the incumbent at a slight disadvantage.

US weighs rescue mission in Iraq

REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal

US weighs rescue mission in Iraq

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