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(img1)20150701 - Berkowitz Day One

Town Square cleanup top priority for new mayor

Cleaning up Anchorage's Town Square Park is a top priority for new Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

Walker, Mallott returning seal fur vests purchased by North Slope Borough

Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott are returning gifts that were apparently paid for by the North Slope Borough, according to the governor's office.

Borough paid for mayor's grandchildren to get coaching from Michael Jordan

Since Charlotte Brower became mayor of the North Slope in 2011, the Wyoming-sized borough with a population less than 10,000 has purchased $112,240 worth of cakes from one of her daughters.

Assembly considers ban on second-hand marijuana smoke

New marijuana industry wrestles with pesticides and safety

Microscopic bugs and mildew can destroy a marijuana operation faster than any police raid. And because the crop has been illegal for so long, neither growers nor scientists have any reliable research to help fight the infestations.

White House releases details about Obama's Alaska visit

President Obama plans to visit Anchorage on Monday, Aug. 31, to speak at a State Department conference on the future of the Arctic and Arctic politics. 

Governor's 10 favorite cost-saving ideas from Alaskans

From consolidating state universities to changing the way people pay for bail, here are a few of the Walker administration's favorite ideas, as suggested by the public, to save money for Alaska. 

UPDATED: Purchase payments to North Slope mayor's family to be investigated

The North Slope Borough Assembly voted Monday to hire a law firm to investigate payments made to the family of Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower.

A step back for Medicaid expansion in Alaska

Walker to announce plans for Medicaid expansion

A spokeswoman for Gov. Bill Walker says Walker is expected to announce this week how he will move forward on Medicaid expansion in Alaska.

Records: Employees used leave time for charity golf tourney

Public records show nearly all of the employees of a state-backed housing corporation who played in a charity golf tournament last month took personal leave time that day.

Dept. of Revenue report: Oil tax credits are a poor investment for Alaska

Are North Slope oil tax credits a good investment for the State of Alaska? That’s the question asked by a recent report from the Department of Revenue. The researchers answer: No, not compared to other options. But some experts say the paper doesn’t give the tax credits a fair shake.

Trump aide apologizes for rape comment

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