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Jury selection begins in strange case of former prosecutor Mark Avery

Jury selection is underway in a federal court case against Mark Avery, a man accused of stealing millions of dollars from a trust fund he was suppose to protect.

After Obama's talk of new icebreakers, Senators wait to see if ship will be funded

Following President Barack Obama’s proposal to speed construction of a new heavy icebreaker -- remarks made during his September tour of Alaska -- Senators Angus King of Maine and Lisa Murkowski said they are waiting to see if funding for a new ship is included in president’s 2017 spending plan.

Anchorage LIO Building Lease Update

Legislative report says owner of Anchorage offices provided 'misleading' data

The company that owns the newly refurbished Downtown Anchorage office building leased by the Legislature provided "misleading" data that overstates the cost of moving into a state-owned building, according to a report prepared by the leader of the Legislative Affairs Agency.

Alaska dealing with higher unemployment than national rate

While doom and gloom surrounds the Alaska economy the rest of the nation celebrates low unemployment numbers in January.

MTA urging customers to vote for deregulation

Matanuska Telephone Association is campaigning via radio ads and other means to urge its customers to vote to exempt its landline telephone services from being regulated by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Under amended law, Alaska pursues sex-trafficking charges against Bill Allen

The state of Alaska today is asking for federal authority to pursue sex-trafficking charges against former Veco chief Bill Allen. Attorney General Craig Richards and Sen. Dan Sullivan said they are seeking to learn if federal prosecutors cut a deal with Allen when he was a star witness in corruption trials.

Alaskans weigh in on proposal to finance government with Permanent Fund earnings

People from all over Alaska have inundated the Senate State Affairs Committee -- the first to review Gov. Bill Walker's S.B. 128 -- with their take on the proposal to use Permanent Fund earnings to pay for government operations.

As policymakers battle over budget, education commissioner resigns

Education Commissioner Mike Hanley has submitted a letter of resignation, with the governor and State Board of Education and Early Development saying a leadership change is needed to address key challenges involving Alaska education.

Medicaid Reform

Judge: Decision on Alaska Medicaid expansion lawsuit unlikely before end of March

A state court judge in Anchorage has heard arguments on a lawsuit challenging Gov. Bill Walker's authority to expand Medicaid without legislative approval. Superior Court Judge Frank Pfiffner said it was unlikely that he could get a decision out before the end of March.

Walker administration submits supplemental request

Gov. Bill Walker's administration is requesting an additional $65.5 million in spending for the current fiscal year.

Voting starts in New Hampshire

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