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Father says family 'amazed' by community support after daughter's crash

A woman was seriously injured, and a young girl lost her legs and broke vertebrae in a Christmas Day crash on Sterling Highway near Anchor Point.


New study out on Knik Arm Crossing

The population near a proposed bridge between Anchorage and Port MacKenzie would grow “modestly” if the project goes through according to several consultants.

Anchorage Port Plan

Second time is (hopefully) the charm for Anchorage Port upgrade

Mayor Dan Sullivan and executive members of the Anchorage Port Modernization Project introduced their top choice for a concept design of the Anchorage Port.

Alaska pilots check their skills before taking on winter skies

The Alaskan Aviation Fall Safety Seminar offered a refresher course in Anchorage this weekend to pilots preparing themselves for winter flying.

Juneau highway supporters try to clear project roadblocks

Juneau highway supporters try to clear project roadblocks

Public comment on a proposed road in Southeast Alaska has been extended until Nov. 25.

Anchorage Ride-Sharing Debate Continued

Dozens of cabbies lined before the Anchorage Assembly Tuesday night, many of them upset over the presence of the ride-sharing company Uber.

Construction to begin on AMHS ferries

Construction on two new "Alaska Class" ferries will begin in December, according to the Department of Transportation. 

Calling for better benefits and more rest, FedEx pilots march in Anchorage

Nearly a hundred FedEx pilots marched outside the company's Anchorage facility Tuesday morning in a demonstration meant to show frustration over ongoing contract negotiations, the Airline Pilots Association says.  

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