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Police seek help locating Anchorage Jail escapee

Anchorage Jail inmate dies after breathing problems

An Anchorage Jail inmate who reported difficulty breathing Thursday evening died at an Anchorage hospital about an hour later, according to the state Department of Corrections.

Driver steals Jet Ski, abandons pickup truck after Midtown chase

Driver steals Jet Ski, abandons pickup truck after Midtown chase

Anchorage police are looking for a man who stole a Jet Ski on a trailer, leading officers on a chase with the personal watercraft towed behind his truck before it crashed in Midtown early Friday.

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Man enters plea deal in 2008 Kodiak death

A 27-year-old Kodiak man has pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide after running over a homeless man in 2008 and leaving him to die.

Dalton Highway closed near Deadhorse by 2 feet of water

State officials say nearly 80 miles of the Dalton Highway will remain closed until at least next week, due to continuing flooding in the Deadhorse area from the Sagavanirktok River.

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Moose drowning in Wasilla river gets an unexpected lift

On a sunny Thursday in Wasilla, Logan Snyder was skipping along Fish Creek when he noticed a moose calf struggling in the water. Here's how he tells the story...

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Air Force to test Moose Creek wells for contamination

Eielson Air Force Base will be testing private wells in the Moose Creek area for groundwater contamination.

Downtown crash T-bones pickup, knocks over light pole

Downtown crash T-bones pickup, knocks over light pole

A two-truck collision at an Anchorage intersection Friday morning knocked one of the vehicles onto its side, but police say no road closures have been reported.

No Signs So Far of Missing Man in Willow Creek Search

Troopers, FBI team up to deal with found explosives near Eureka

Alaska State Troopers say a cache of explosives found in the Eureka area Wednesday was safely disposed of by FBI specialists.

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