VIDEO: Who let the dogs in? A musher's homecoming

(img1)Who let the dogs in?

Gale Browning shares this video of former Yukon Quest champ Sebastian Schnuelle and friends arriving at the musher's Two Rivers home. "There are 56 dogs in the kennel. Sab frequently brings groups of dogs into the house to give them individual attention, work on training and for socializing so the dogs work better together on the gangline," Browning wrote.

Video by Gale Browning, FreeFall Media.

Iditarod race officials hoping for a change in weather


The last great race officially starts in about 50 days, but where it begins, that is the question.

In this video:

-- Iditarod officials say several contingency plans have been put into place to set up the organization for success.

-- Alternative routes are being considered, including one option that would see the race start in Fairbanks.

-- Race officials have been monitoring the trail conditions…

4-time winner Lance Mackey joins star-studded Yukon Quest roster

Lance Mackey 4-time Iditarod Champ Charged with DUI

Four-time Yukon Quest champion Lance Mackey signed up Monday to compete once again in that 1,000-mile race, which begins Feb. 7 in Whitehorse Yukon.

Injured musher speaks from bedside about accident

A gloomy Thanksgiving Day couldn’t dampen the spirits of Karin Hendrickson.

I am Alaska

I am Alaska

Training for his 18th Iditarod race

I am Alaska: At 74, Jim Lanier is one of the toughest Iditarod mushers on the trail

(img1)Jim Lanier I Am Alaska profile

In the latest installment of our I Am Alaska series, 74-year-old Jim Lanier explains why he might be retired from medicine, but he's still hitting the 1,000-mile Iditarod trail. Yes, that's him singing in the video!

Photo gallery: The polar bears of Kaktovik

Former Yukon Quest champion and Iditarod veteran Sebastian Schnuelle may be taking a break from distance racing, but he is still traveling to some of the most remote corners of Alaska. Check out 18 of his best polar bear pictures from the Inupiat village of Kaktovik. 

Jeff King Enters Yukon Quest

The Yukon Quest announced on Thursday that Jeff King has signed up for the 2015 race.

Iditarod Ceremonial Sled

(img1)Iditarod Ceremonial Sled

Reporter Rebecca Palsha, Photojournalist Eric Sowl

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VIDEO: Who let the dogs in? A musher's homecoming

Tales from the Trail

Tales from the Trail: Leave the Expectations at the Office

Like the old adage goes, even the best-laid plans often go awry, and it couldn't have been a better turn of events for this first-time Iditarod race reporter.

Tales from the Trail: Jacks of all Trades; Masters of None

Tales from the Trail: Jacks of all Trades; Masters of None

Joshua Staab/KTUU-TV

Coming from a print journalism background to work for a broadcast news station, you find yourself learning all sorts of new things.

Tales from the Trail: Media Blitz in McGrath

One journalist's first-hand account from the behind the scenes on the trail of the 2014 Iditarod Race.

Pics from the Trail

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Kjersten Olson

Iditarod re-start in Willow.

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