Heading out of Koyuk Sunday afternoon, Jeff King took off a minute ahead of Aliy Zirkle, briefly putting him at number one on the rankings.

But somewhere between their current locations and Koyuk, Zirkle once again reclaimed her place in the lead, leaving King behind, but still in sight.

Martin Buser arrived in Koyuk mere moments before Dallas Seavey and Sonny Lindner, all of whom are expected to head on towards the next checkpoint shortly. Also resting in Koyuk is Mitch Seavey and Aaron Burmeister, who came in just before 6 pm.

The trail will follow the coast line to Elim before turning inland to cross the Kwiktalik Mountains to reach Golovin Bay, where a mandatory 8 hour layover awaits them in White Mountain.

UPDATE: Since publication, King has taken the lead ahead of Zirkle as both head towards the next checkpoint.