Iron Dog 2015 live finish - special report


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Iron Dog first place prize increased

The Iron Dog Board of Directors decided Monday to increase the first place prize to $65,000.

'Flying Iron' snowmachines take to the air

The Iron Dog snowmachine race began with a first-ever ceremonial start Feb. 21 in Anchorage. But first, snowmachiners of a different stripe demonstrated that not all sleds have to stay on the ground. All photos courtesy of Iron Dog. 

Minnick, Olstad Win 2014 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race

Jeff Rivet/KTUU-TV

Minnick, Olstad Win 2014 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race

For much of the 2014 Iron Dog snowmachine race, Team 16’s Todd Minnick and Nick Olstad lagged slightly behind the front-runners -- but as so many Iron Dog victories do, theirs came cold and fast.

Minnick, Olstad Take Iron Dog Lead in Race’s Final Hours

Minnick, Olstad Take Lead in Iron Dog’s Final Hours

Todd Minnick and Nick Olstad are just 35 miles away from putting another Iron Dog snowmachine race victory beneath their belts, with Team 16 the first through North Pole Saturday morning.

Photos: Iron Dog 2014 Tanana Checkpoint

Channel 2's Joshua Staab visited the Iron Dog checkpoint in Tanana, taking a look around town while he was there.

Photos: Iron Dog 2014 McGrath Checkpoint

Channel 2's Joshua Staab captured these images of Iron Dog snowmachine race action at the race's checkpoint in McGrath.

Iron Dog 2014 Pro Class Field

Iron Dog Leaders Finish Final Layovers Before Long Trail to Fairbanks

The ten leading teams are all taking their final mandatory 10-hour layovers either in Ruby or Galena. The question now is whether last-minute pushes will be enough to catch up to the team that’s led the race nearly from the beginning.

Iron Dog Front-Runners Prepare for Late Dash from Kaltag

Iron Dog Teams Prepare Dash from Kaltag, Unalakleet

Less than eight hours out of Nome on the second half of the Iron Dog snowmachine race Thursday, its front-runners are making another stop for a required layover, with teams gathering in Kaltag and Unalakleet.