The Yukon Quest is a 1,000-mile sled dog race through some of the harshest terrain Alaska has to offer.  To complete the quest you need a great dog team, a good plan, a lot of luck -- and a little rest as well.

For years Dawson City has been the big halfway checkpoint, with a mandatory 36-hour layover, but that will change in 2015.  In an effort to more evenly distribute the rest that mushers and dogs get, the Quest will decrease the mandatory stop at Dawson City from 36 hours to 24.

Those mandatory hours of rest will not disappear from the race; instead, a number of four-hour layovers are being increased to six-hour layovers.

There will also be an added six-hour layover that can be taken at a number of stops in the last half of the race, depending on the musher's preference.