The Cook Inlet Soccer Club (CISC) will bring home two trophies as both the boys' and girls' teams won the Presidents Cup National Tournament on Sunday in Greensville, S.C.

The CISC Velocity 98B faced FC Europa Samba from Pennsylvania in the Championship game. After 30 minutes of extra time the 2-2 tie would force a shootout where the CISC boys won 4-2.

CISC Velocity 98B's Caleb Van Blankenstein earned the name of Top Goal Keeper and Talon Stanley was awarded Tournament MVP.

The Cook Inlet SC Velocity girls took a 6-1 win over GSA Force FC from Texas. Cook Inlet SC Velocity's Malia Lyken was named Tournament MVP, while Michelle Cole earned the Top Goal Keeper title. 

"I definitely think it's a huge statement for Alaska soccer for us to come down here, us and the boys and do so well," said Cole, "I think it will start giving people in Alaska a chance to look at soccer more seriously and hopefully it will help Alaska grow."

The Presidents Cup National Tournament was a three day competition. The CISC boys' and girls' teams both played a total of four games in the tournament.