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Takata Ordered to Recall Up to 40 Million More Airbags

The previous recall involved about 24 million vehicles sold in the U.S. over roughly the last decade, with 14 manufacturers impacted.

Watch Obama Drink Flint Tap Water

President Obama takes a drink of filtered tap water during his visit to Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday.

'Nasty' Fire Burns Over 24K Acres as More Homes Lost

The fire has scorched more than 24,700 acres since Sunday in this rural community in Canada's Alberta province.

Judge: 'May Be Necessary' to Depose Clinton in Email Case

A federal judge said Wednesday it 'may be necessary' to depose Hillary Clinton about the nature of her personal e-mail server in a ongoing lawsuit.

Facebook Pays $10,000 to 10-Year-Old Instagram Hacker

Social media giant Facebook has paid a $10,000 reward to a 10- year-old Finnish boy for finding a glitch in its picture sharing app Instagram.