ALCAN part 20 roadtripping

Road Trippin' crew reaches Delta Junction, but there's a debate over the "true" end of ALCAN...

2018 Propositions: See MOA's full ballot breakdown

Use this interactive data visualization to learn more about MOA's 12 total propositions.

WATCH: The moment Nic Petit went off track on the Iditarod trail's GPS tracker shows the moment Nic Petit went off track on Norton Sound, a move that may have cost him victory. (From

Snow and rain ends early today while we warm into the lower 40's.

With our rain and snow ending from earlier today while under mostly cloudy skies we will warm into the lower 40's. Under mostly cloudy skies tonight we will drop down to 27 degrees. St. Patty's day tomorrow will be partly sunny and dry with a high of 37 while we can expect more rain and snow for Sunday with lows in the upper 20's and highs in the middle 30's over the weekend.

Dave & Buster's sneak preview

KTUU toured the new Dave & Buster's in Anchorage. It opens to the public on March 19th.

Feathered friend visits Pioneer Home

Residents at the Anchorage Pioneer home were visited by "Mr. Hoot."


NBC News Headlines

Engineers saw cracks in Miami bridge days before collapse

Engineers working on the bridge that buckled at Florida International University attempted to warn state officials of cracks on the walkway two days before the deadly collapse, according to transcript released Friday night by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Trump tries to move Stormy suit to fed court, says she owes him $20M

President Trump has tapped Hulk Hogan's attorney in an effort to get Stormy Daniels' suit moved to federal court.

North Carolina man helps find missing people, pro bono

David Marshburn is both a bounty hunter and a private investigator in North Carolina. David and his search dog, Kaz, played a key role in the missing persons case of Army medic Kelli Bordeaux, covered in the Dateline report "Deep in the Woods."

NYC docs took bribes, lap dances to prescribe opioid, feds say

Five Manhattan doctors are accused of taking $800,000 in "speaker fees," plus gifts like casino and strip club outings, to prescribe the Insys drug Subsys, a powerful opioid.

Why did Miami bridge collapse? More than one reason likely

"I believe it will be found that it will not be just one thing that happened — it almost never is," says one bridge engineer.