Alaskan Olympic hopefuls win U.S. Championship races on home trails

Anchorage's sibling duo of Caitlin and Scott Patterson win XC US Nationals 2018 races in front of a home crowd at Kincaid Park.

Fog early and snow tonight Thursday 2-21-18

Our latest system left us with fog, low lying clouds while under mostly cloudy skies as we warm up to 32 degrees today. The next approaching storm brings clouds, rain and up to 1" of snow tonight. Tomorrow we are looking at more rain/snow and eventually all snow even as we see a high temperature of 33 degrees.

Howie tries Cross Country Skiing

Well guys I may not be Kikkan Randall, but I tried my best at cross country skiing and wow do I have respect for the sport because let me tell you, it's no downhill ride. Take a look. Find that inside edge, now you have a platform where you can push. You push off that edge and you slide and if you slip then you need to roll your knee in more and get more edge. There are similarities to ice skating, skeet skiing for sure. Yep, low body stance, toes pointed out a little bit. Woh oh oh oh!. To get up you need to kind of roll toward your knees and you can get on your knees, how did you do that again? It's almost like if you reach for the tip of your skis, like out and kind of slide your feet back. Yeah, like that way. Maybe let go of the poles. There you go! That's it, keep going forward like that. Grab your tips, now pull your skis to your chest. Good, now roll over on your stomach, don't let go of your skis. Straighten your legs a little bit. Don't let go of your skis. Now hands up, forward like your driving a car. I like walking and downhill skiing better. You've got to control it. Yeah your learning curve is straight up right now. How did you feel though first time going Cross Country skiing? The first twenty seconds I thought I was going to the hospital, I'm not even joking with you. I fell right on my behind. I laid there for a while and got up again and fell again, but then coach Andrew here showed me the ropes and I survived actually. I want to thank Andrew again for taking the time to attempt to show me the ropes. He runs a nice shop out there at the UOA as the Cross Country ski coach - so I'll leave it up to him and his athletes to pave the way.

Rescued beluga calf doing well, about to head south

Mike Ross and photojournalist Michael Nederbrock update the stator of a beluga whale calf that was rescued several months ago.

Race marshals move wrench day to Thursday in Iron Dog race

NOME, AK (KTUU) -- MK Burgess interviews race marshal Nate Perkins, who explains the new schedule for the rest of the race, after a 30 hour layover in Unalakleet comes to an end.

February 20, 2018 Iron Dog Minute

Patrick Enslow has an update from Day 3 of the Iron Dog.

VIDEO: ATM stolen from local restaurant

This security camera footage from Hula Hands shows a suspect wrapping a strap around the ATM in the restaurant before it is ripped out of the building.


NBC News Headlines

How the internet's conspiracy theorists turned Parkland students into 'crisis actors'

The speed with which these groundless claims spread point to a troubling digital ecosystem in the era of fake news.

FluMist will be back next year

Reformulated version of FluMist influenza vaccine wins approval from vaccine advisers

Bermuda's gay marriage reversal sparks fears others may follow

Earlier this month, the British island territory became the first jurisdiction in the world to reverse a law allowing same-sex marriage.

Slew of state and local bills are targeting LGBTQ people

From a trans "bathroom bill" in Anchorage to "parody marriage" legislation in South Carolina, a number of new bills are causing LGBTQ advocates concern.

Billy Graham, pastor to presidents and the masses, dead at age 99

Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham, who boasted a career of more than 70 years and was one of the most admired men of the past century, has died at age 99, according to church sources.