Shamanic retreat leads to Juneau controversy

For some, a Shamanic retreat appears to be just a peaceful and spiritual getaway. But for the Sealaska Heritage Institute, the retreat – planned by a California group – is disrespectful and a commercial exploitation of shamanism.

Monday Evening Weather KTUU 5-21-18

Sunshine prospects-best Wed. & Thu.

Witness describes aftermath of Fairview shooting that injured young girl

Witness describes aftermath of Fairview shooting that APD says injured young girl in her home after the occupants of two cars exchanged gunfire outside

Storms a little wind but dry Monday

Anchorage will be cloudy with a high of 57 degrees Monday.

5-20-18 Top five plays of the week

MK Burgess brings you this week's top five plays, as voted on by you!

MHA girls hockey team seeks new name and logo

MHA girls hockey team seeks new name and logo

Battle of Attu Commemoration Events

Known as the only land battle fought on U.S. territory in World War II, this weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the battle of Attu.


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Florida airport shooting suspect to plead guilty, documents say

Esteban Santiago would serve a life prison sentence plus 120 years, according to the documents. Five people were killed.

Mountain biker killed by cougar near Seattle

It was the first fatal cougar attack in Washington since 1924, when 13-year-old Jimmy Fehlhaber died trying to outrun a cougar.

Australian archbishop convicted of sex abuse cover-up

Wilson denied under oath that two former altar boys told him that they had been sexually abused by a priest.

A love story: Ailing husband mourns teacher killed in Texas shooting

William Recie Tisdale Sr., who has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, was always sure he would die before his wife, Cynthia.

Public support for vaccines drops a bit

Strong support for vaccines has fallen since 2008, survey finds